Designed for different types of retail outlets, the Product In/Out system can grow with you as your business grows. You do not need to spend for a full-blown POS system with features that you do not need.

Adaptable and immediately deployable, Product I/O is a simplified yet advanced solution for tracking sales and inventory for all kinds of businesses.



Inventory can be preloaded and SKUs entered into the system. Additional SKUs can be added and modified from the backend and pushed down to mobile devices. There’s no need to modify each device when updating inventory.


It takes seconds to sell your product or service using Product I/O. Items can be checked out using a barcode scanner or entered via a menu system on the mobile device. The price and quantity are automatically computed by the system. The waiting time for each customer to buy an item is significantly reduced allowing retailers to sell more items.


Monitor and analyze your sales wherever you are, using a web browser. A customized interface shows you important metrics at a glance such as current level of inventory, sales, peak selling hours, and other relevant information. Important data is immediately synced to the cloud and stored in a secure server.